Protection from European Patents now extended into Asia.

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 Protection from European Patents now extended into Asia.

As a clear indication of the intention of the European Patent Office to extend the territorial
protection which can be obtained from a granted European Patent, they have announced
that the first Asian Country, Cambodia, will now recognise a granted European patent.

While, to many, this may appear to be a strange development, it is an indication of the
competition between National and Regional Patent Office organisations to secure future
funding by expanding their geographical reach. As such, from 1 March 2018, an agreement
on the validation of European patents between Cambodia and the European Patent
Organisation entered into force and as a result it is now possible to validate European
patent applications and patents in Cambodia. A validated patent will provide the same
protection in Cambodia as patents granted by the EPO for the existing member Countries

No action is required by applicants until the patent is granted and at that time the applicant
will have the option of choosing Cambodia as a country in which they wish their patent to
be enforceable.

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