What is a Patent?


A patent protects your invention and is a key asset which can add significant value to your business. It also gives you the right to take legal action against anyone who makes, uses, sells or imports your invention without your permission.


Patents cover inventions that can be made or used. Your invention must be new and inventive. A patent does not cover:

  • A variation or modification of something that already exists
  • Literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works (these can be covered by Copyright)
  • A way of playing a game, thinking or doing business
  • A method of medical treatment or diagnosis
  • A scientific theory, mathematical method or discovery
  • A way in which information is presented
  • Certain computer programs or mobile apps
  • Processes such as cross-breeding plants or animal varieties


Patents are complicated, can be expensive and take a long time so you should always work with a qualified patent attorney when considering or making an application.


How does it work?


.The application process is complicated and long. The process usually takes years to complete. Only 1 in 20 applicants are successful in getting a patent without professional help. Therefore, if you want the best chance of success then you should work with a professional patent attorney.


To start the process, your attorney will carry out a patent search to ensure your invention is new. They will then prepare and file the application for you and request a search from the IPO. You cannot add in additional information after the application has been made so it is important that this is done correctly. An experienced patent attorney also understands how to make your patent as commercially valuable as possible.


Once the application has been made you will receive an application number and you can mark your invention as ‘patent pending’ or ‘patent applied for’.


You will receive a search report to help you decide whether to continue with the application. Your application will be published 18 months after it is filed and you must ask for a substantive examination within six months of publication. You will then have to respond to any comments from the examination before your patent is granted.


Your patent only protects your invention in the country where it is registered but the European Patent Office and the Patent Cooperation Treaty cover multiple countries with a single application.


Once your patent has been granted you can benefit from it commercially. You will need to renew your patent every year.

Our Patent services


The Patent Attorneys at Bailey Walsh & Co. are all qualified to draft, file and prosecute patents at both the UK and European Patent Offices. This expertise, in combination with our worldwide network of associate law firms, allows us to obtain patent protection for our client’s inventions throughout the world.

All of our Patent Attorneys have at least a first degree in a scientific or engineering discipline. This allows us to work closely with you in identifying the protectable aspects of your inventions.


  • Patent searches
  • Drafting and filing applications for patents
  • Identifying third party patent rights
  • International patents
  • Enforcement of patents
  • Prosecuting
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Commercialisation of patent rights
  • Specialists in electronics and telecommunications patents
  • Specialists in mechanical and engineering patents
  • Specialists in biosciences and pharmaceuticals patents
  • Specialists in chemistry and materials patents
  • Specialists in patents for manufacturing and consumer devices
  • Specialists in patents for software


If you would like professional expert advice on any aspect of patent or IP Law, then contact us today.

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