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Intellectual Property Law is complex and can leave many people feeling confused, daunted or overwhelmed. At Bailey Walsh & Co LLP, we work with you to help you understand the different options for protecting your Intellectual Property or handling disputes. We take care of everything relating to copyright, trademarks, design protection and patents.


What is a Patent?


A patent protects your invention and is a key asset which can add significant value to your business. It also gives you the right to take legal action against anyone who makes, uses, sells or…

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What is a Trademark?


A Trademark is a symbol, word, phrase or design that distinguishes your product or brand from others. Trademarks are vital in protecting your brand identity and are often considered.

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What is Design Protection?


.In the UK, some design works are automatically protected under Unregistered Design Rights but registering your design offers you broader protection.

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What is Copyright?


Copyright protects your literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works from being copied by unauthorised parties. Our team of copyright experts can assist you today.

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Our clients range from start-ups and SMEs right through to universities, research institutes, and multi-national corporations. With every client, our aim is to provide a professional service and cost-effective advice and protection.

Every case is unique so we offer bespoke services, tailored to your individual needs. You can feel completely confident that your Intellectual Property will be in safe hands with our expert Patent and Trademark Attorneys. If you need help with any aspect of IP Law, then contact us today to make sure that your hard work is properly protected.

We specialise in all areas of Intellectual Property Law

Enforcement and prosecution

IP portfolio management

Commercialisation of IP rights

Risk assessment / third party IP rights

International IP protection

International enforcement / prosecution

Patent application

Trademark application

Design protection

Copyright registration

Advice on protection options

Identifying existing IP rights

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